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August 22, 2009

New group show in New Orleans!

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Folk Magic transforms everyday materials into odd and magical paintings, photos and sculpture. Barristers will be showcasing a wide range of artists. In a long correspondence with friend Craig Morse, I was directed to NOLA artists. The powerful paintings by Raphael Arzuaga touch the spirits of African tradition and symbolism. José Torres-Tama works in the New Orleans arts community, and since 1995, has toured nationally and internationally. Robin Walker was born and raised in New Orleans. Her photos are documents of her time. The photographs by Craig Morse are steeped in social documentary. The McMartin Brothers have an eye for beauty and the strange.

Folk Magic is also made up of a handful of artists from the exhibition “Internal Guidance Systems”. In this exhibition, we stray from the highly detailed and self-conscious visions to focus on the works of Hartmut Eing of Germany, Marcus MÃ¥rtenson of Stockholm Sweden. Damian and Delaine LeBas of London, and artist Robert Collison who turned curbside cardboard into dogs. Suzane Beaubrun builds knick knacks into pigeons. Grgich turns Barbie dolls and horses into faceless goddesses. Robin Oliver makes porcelain baby queens. The artists take common objects that have always surrounded us and charge them with almost supernatural qualities.

Perhaps these things aren’t usually seen as art and will create an element of surprise in the viewer. The playfulness of these artists transforms discards into deeply meaningful objects. There is a kind of saving grace in this action. The rejected materials are here treated with respect, resurrected with a new sense of beauty and pride. This has always been the real challenge for the artist. To create beauty where there is pain and bring forth order out of chaos. And there is no better town for a show like this than New Orleans. 2009 by Anne Grgich with Marcus Mårtenson.

Raphael Arzuaga, Lauren Atkinson & Donald Green, Suzane Beaubrun, Robert Collison, Harmut Eing DE, Elena Siff and Noah Erenberg, Larissa Hammond, Kurtiss Lofstrom, Jonathon Ash, Mormon Santa “Little Lost Ones”, Damian LeBas UK, Delaine LeBas UK, Marcus MÃ¥rtenson Stockholm Sweden, Craig Morse, McMartin Brothers, Robin Oliver, Jose Torres-Tama, Tinuviel, Mars Tokyo, Kandace Manning, Tania Seabock, Robin Walker, Della Wells. Curator/artist; Anne Grgich will be showing her work and pieces from her collection: Damian Michaels, Paul Gasoi, Cathy Ward, Tinuviel, Chris Lawson, Tom Davis and more…

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