Marcus Mårtenson

Art talk at Ståhl Collections

I will be giving an art talk at Ståhl Collections on march 20th in Norrköping between 5 and 7 pm.

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Upcoming exhibition at Gallery Hedenius

I will present a new body of work at Gallery Hedenius opening on the 29th of august 2024. A new book with my art will also be released at the opening. Stay tuned for more details.

SKYGAZING- a Black Iris group show at Riche Fenix

I will be presenting three works in the Black Iris group show Skygazing opening at Riche Fenix on august 22nd.

Solo show at Allmänna Galleriet

I will be presenting a new show at Allmänna Galleriet opening on the 11th of may 2023.

Explosive vision- a Black Iris group show at Gasverket

I will be presenting a new painting at the new Black Iris group show Explosive Vision at Gasverket. The show opens on the 10th of may 2023.

Holkhemmet-Groupshow at Riche

I will be participating in the groups how Holkhemmet at Riche together with 26 other artists. Curated by Tom Böttiger. These are the participating artists: Rebecka Bebben Andersson,Karin Mamma Andersson, Patrik Andine, Matthias van Arkel, Ernst Billgren, Helene Billgren, Martin Bogren, Olle Borg, Kristina Abelli Elander, Linn Fernström, Peter Frie, Owe Gustafson, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Lotta Hannerz, Johan Bergström Hyldahl, Jan Håfström, Jarl Ingvarsson, Tilda Lovell, Lisa D Manner, Marcus Mårtenson, Jockum Nordström, Anders Petersen, Per B Sundberg, Astrid Sylwan, Martin Wickström, Dan Wolgers, Fredrik Wretman.

A drug named love - a Black Iris group show at Alma

I will be showing one piece in the Black Iris group show A drug named love opening at Alma on the 27th of April 2022.

Collaboration with Schnayderman 2021

From the collaboration with Schnayderman clothing. Here with a shirt print of the painting ”Famous things that will soon become obsolete”.

Surveillance Games at Gallery Arsenalsgatan 3 in April 2021

"Marcus Mårtenson (b.1972) works provide a mirror into a parallel reality, a simultaneous existence that we are all interplaying with. A mirror into another version of ourselves, that version that we put out there into the ‘real’ world of the internet, our ‘extreme selves’. Can you imagine life without our social media interaction? What would you do, if you couldn’t respond with an instant emoji, that fully encapsulates your emotion of that particular second? Mårtenson leads you into considering the answers and considering of the ‘self’ within that."

Excerpt from text by Silvana Lagos at Gallery Arsenalsgatan 3

Total Noise at Galerie Forsblom

I will be showing new art at Galerie Forsblom in Stockholm opening on november 14th 2019.