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August 19, 2009

French art workshop with the Betweenship!

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These are pictures from an art workshop that Valeria and I held a few weeks ago for some youths from the Paris suburb of BAGNOLET. They where here on a trip organized by The Betweenship as a part of a week long program for these Parisians to meet other Swedish young people (who where also participating in the workshop) and be creative. The Betweenship is a state of mind shared by a growing group of people. My friend Angelica Tibblin Chen helped to start it up. They write on their site:

“Globalization created us – we’re people of mixed race, transracial adoptees and children of immigrants. We identify with a subculture, a neighbourhood or a mindset rather than with the colour of our skin.We are also people balancing between social classes, rural / urban lifestyles and we choose ourselves with whom we share our lives. We move between several cultures and form our own. We all have our different ways of relating to our own betweenship, but our common nominator is the search for a place where our identities won’t be questioned.”

This is what they wrote in their blog about their experience with us:

“This day was filled with cultural excitement. We started out by visiting two artists who both have understanding for the betweenship in different ways, one through having been forced to move around because of family and the other through her foreign family roots. Marcus MÃ¥rtenson and Valeria Montti Colque express a lot of their frustration and thoughts in their art, which they let us take part in making today. Out of a pile of pure garbage we created an amazing BetweenShip proving how far we can make it in this world using our creative minds as tools.

In the afternoon Nathan took us on a unique sightseeing, combining must-know Swedish (betweenship) history with interesting facts about Stockholm and Sweden’s music culture.

Great day!”

Check out the Betweenship website here:

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