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March 4, 2009

My trip to Härkeberga church to see Albertus Pictors paintings

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Härkeberga church is located far out in the desolate Swedish countryside close to Enköping.

The church can be dated to around 1280-1310.

The church is a beautiful example of old rural gothic architecture.

The church is built out of random rubble and split granite boulders.

Härkeberga church would not be so well known were it not for the exceptionally preserved murals by Albertus Pictor. They were all painted around 1480.

The wheel of life. A classic motif from many medieval churches in Sweden. Showing the different stages in a persons life, from youthfull folly to old age and finally death. The jester is on the left and death is to the right holding a shovel. At the very bottom of the wheel there is a dead body wrapped in a shroud.

Random characters that decorate the roof of the church. Some with humorous fairytale like qualities.

Check out the dude making the funny face on the top. Hes flanked by Adam and Eve to the left and right of him.

View above the organ.

Three kings giving gifts.

Mary painted as the virgin of the apocalypse sitting on a crescent moon surrounded by flames.

One of the evangelists.

Wooden crucifix from the 1300th hundreds

Two images, the first one on the left showing the Israelites walking in the desert being fed manna from heaven and Moses striking the rock to get water. The second one on the right showing the dance around the golden calf.

This is a scene of the last judgement. The dead are rising out of their graves. Up on the right you can see Josef being pushed into the well. The violin player is funny. Im not exactlly sure whats happening on the image at the bottom. It looks like someone is stabbing someones face.

Here we see the drunk Noah whose sons are laughing at him while a fox takes off with a dead goose.

My dad! On the top left you can see a painting of the prophet Elijah taking off into the sky on a flaming chariot. It kind of looks like an ancient hotrod.

Fiendish little devil.

Good view of the painted dome.

The prophet Jonah being thrown to the whale and then being spit out after three days.

Daniel in the pit of lions.

You should have been there. It was so amazing.

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