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April 30, 2010

Jazzfest 1

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This is a picture I took of a member of the Creole Wild West Mardi Gras Indian Tribe at Jazzfest in New Orleans last Saturday.

Icon 1

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This is a commisioned Nativity Icon I painted for a person who was going to give it as a gift to someone who was baptizing their child.

April 29, 2010

Food fight

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From the International Herald Tribune:

“Parliament was supposed to conduct a debate on Tuesday that revolved around Ukraines sovereignty and relationship with Russia, but the proceedings instead seem to resemble a food fight in a high school cafeteria, or perhaps an episode of late-night professional wrestling.”

April 28, 2010

Anders Osborne

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The first nite I went out when I was in New Orleans my friends told me I had to go see a Swede called Anders Osborne who was playing at the Blue Nile. Turns out theres a Swedish dude from Uddevalla who left home when he was 16 and hitchhiked around the world playing guitar. He ended up in New Orleans and has lived there for around 25 years now. It was his love for the music and the town that made him stay on. To be honest I can fully understand the dude. Here is a clip from Anders when hes playing his song “On the road to Charlie Parker”. He had a great voice and is a powerfull musician. Apparently the guy had had some drug problems but was now getting better. I saw him again at Jazzfest the next day and then he played with Dr.Johns guitarist. Check this guy out:

April 1, 2010


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This is a new and longer trailer for the new HBO show called Treme about New Orleans which will start in April. I will be down there for Jazzfest, can’t wait!

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