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August 31, 2009

Its not called episode, its called shopisode.

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MTV started out showing alot of pretty experimental music videos in the early 80s when I lived in the states. Then weird ass videos like Thomas Dolbys “She Blinded me with science” and Greg Kihn Bands “Jeopardy” or Peter Gabriels “Shock the monkey” (check these three out!) where common. These days you will be lucky if you get to see a music video at all. What you WILL see on the other hand is one of the many TV shows that MTV has started to produce like “My super sweet 16”, “MTV cribs”, “Fabulous lives of” and “The Hills”.

What these shows have in common is that they feature blatant product-placement. This trend is something that I have talked about in a seminar before but now it has escalated to an almost ravenous level. MTV has launched a new website called “SEEN ON MTV”. This website is constructed so that you can easily find anything that your favorite Reality-TV star was wearing, reading or sitting in on this weeks episode.

An example of this is the show called “The Hills”. It is MTVs no.1 show and had 4.6 million viewers in 2007. So lets say you love one of the Hills girls outfits, then you can log onto the site “seen on MTV” and find the outfit and buy it. This page has an estimated 230 million hits per month, has an average cutomer order of 200 dollars and has an annual revenue thats in the 20 million dollar range.

So what started out as a pretty radical and interesting channel that launched genuine artistic music visionaries has de-evolutionized into a massive consumer bonanza. To summarize I would like to share what David Lynch had to say when he was asked about his opinion on product placement:

Here is a link to the website so you can check it out for yourself: SEEN ON MTV

August 30, 2009

New work 2

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Crayon on wood

August 29, 2009

New work 1

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Crayon on wood 2009

I had a dream, I had an awesome dream

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A dream that I have had for a long time is to be able to buy a castle and live in it. Like a full on huge, medieval, gothic castle located in some remote area like Bavaria or mountainous regions of Transylvania. Wouldnt that be so awesome? It would have huge fireplaces and gigantic oak tables. Gargoyles would leer down at those who approached and creepy portraits of random old people would line the walls. Suits of armour would guard the hallways and ofcourse there would be a massive organ which I would have to learn how to play. This way I could greet my guests dressed in a cape, playing this song:

August 27, 2009

Watch over the homeboys and homegirls (mural art from Los Angeles).

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2 guys in a car

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For some reason the two characters in this clip remind me of me and my friend Phil.

August 26, 2009

The pizza guys drawing of me

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Ive been out in the countryside the last couple of days. Yesterday I got hungry and decided to walk down to the local pizzeria to grab a bite to eat. It turns out that the owners of the establishment has changed and there is a new guy running the joint. So i start talking to him and he turns out to be from Syria. His major passion in life is not making Pizza it turns out but decorating and the arts. So he got real happy when he found out that I workled as an artist. He told me that he would like to make a drawing of my face, which he did. Above you can see his work. Awesome stuff

August 25, 2009

Born to raise hell

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When I was growing up in Mamaroneck New York I always used to go down to a local record store called “Mostly Music”. This place was a classic hang-out where they sold great posters, records and cassettes. Me and my friend Chris would hang there and talk with this really cute older headbanger girl called Judy who worked there. I guess we both kinda had a crush on her but she was way older than us and totally out of our leauge. But she hooked us up with alot of great metal music and cool conversations. One of her best friends was called Maryann Scandiffio and she played in a local heavy metal band caled Black Lace. They eventually got signed and put out two albums that rocked pretty hard.

When I moved back to Sweden in 1986 I was so sad and depressed because I had to leave all my friends behind so Judy from the store decided to cheer me up by giving me a photo of Maryann with her autograph. Underneath her signature Maryann had written: “Marcus, take it from me life can be tough sometimes. But remember you were born to raise hell!”. That gift meant alot to me and made my moving back to Sweden a little bit smoother! Here is a video of Maryanns band Black Lace performing “I like to rock” from 1985. Watch her kick out the jams in her aerobics pants.:

August 22, 2009

New group show in New Orleans!

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Folk Magic transforms everyday materials into odd and magical paintings, photos and sculpture. Barristers will be showcasing a wide range of artists. In a long correspondence with friend Craig Morse, I was directed to NOLA artists. The powerful paintings by Raphael Arzuaga touch the spirits of African tradition and symbolism. José Torres-Tama works in the New Orleans arts community, and since 1995, has toured nationally and internationally. Robin Walker was born and raised in New Orleans. Her photos are documents of her time. The photographs by Craig Morse are steeped in social documentary. The McMartin Brothers have an eye for beauty and the strange.

Folk Magic is also made up of a handful of artists from the exhibition “Internal Guidance Systems”. In this exhibition, we stray from the highly detailed and self-conscious visions to focus on the works of Hartmut Eing of Germany, Marcus MÃ¥rtenson of Stockholm Sweden. Damian and Delaine LeBas of London, and artist Robert Collison who turned curbside cardboard into dogs. Suzane Beaubrun builds knick knacks into pigeons. Grgich turns Barbie dolls and horses into faceless goddesses. Robin Oliver makes porcelain baby queens. The artists take common objects that have always surrounded us and charge them with almost supernatural qualities.

Perhaps these things aren’t usually seen as art and will create an element of surprise in the viewer. The playfulness of these artists transforms discards into deeply meaningful objects. There is a kind of saving grace in this action. The rejected materials are here treated with respect, resurrected with a new sense of beauty and pride. This has always been the real challenge for the artist. To create beauty where there is pain and bring forth order out of chaos. And there is no better town for a show like this than New Orleans. 2009 by Anne Grgich with Marcus Mårtenson.

Raphael Arzuaga, Lauren Atkinson & Donald Green, Suzane Beaubrun, Robert Collison, Harmut Eing DE, Elena Siff and Noah Erenberg, Larissa Hammond, Kurtiss Lofstrom, Jonathon Ash, Mormon Santa “Little Lost Ones”, Damian LeBas UK, Delaine LeBas UK, Marcus MÃ¥rtenson Stockholm Sweden, Craig Morse, McMartin Brothers, Robin Oliver, Jose Torres-Tama, Tinuviel, Mars Tokyo, Kandace Manning, Tania Seabock, Robin Walker, Della Wells. Curator/artist; Anne Grgich will be showing her work and pieces from her collection: Damian Michaels, Paul Gasoi, Cathy Ward, Tinuviel, Chris Lawson, Tom Davis and more…

All in the family

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I ate dinner at a friends house last nite and she had some couchsurfers staying at her place. We started talking about television and political correctness. Then we started talking about which ethnicity is joked about in different countries. Like in Sweden its common to joke about the Norwegians and when I grew up in America during the early 80s it was common to joke about Polish people. This dosent mean that Polish jokes end up on television. At least not these days. But, when I was growing up in New York during the early 80s there was a show on TV called “All in the family”. It depicted the life of a conservative man called Archie Bunker who lived in Astoria, Queens.

Archie is a working class, world war 2 veteran and can be described as an “outspoken bigot”, prejudiced against most things that dont confer with his world view. One major part of the show is his conflict with his daughters boyfriend whose called Michael Stivic(played by the amazing Rob Reiner who would later go on to make Spinal Tap). Hes often called “meathead” and “the Pollack” by Archie due to his Polish ancestry. This show was groundbreaking as it discussed issues of of racism, womens liberation, homosexuality, rape, miscarridge, menopause, impotence and breast cancer. The new cartoon show “family guy” has been inspired by the opening theme song from “All in the family”. Check out the theme in the clip above.

Here is a telling scene where Archies homophobia runs wild:

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