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July 31, 2008

Never trust a hipster

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July 12, 2008

There will be blood

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New catalog

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The Internal Guidance Systems group show that Im in has its opening tonite at the Galerie Bel Age and runs till september 8th. Its located at 8 Moniebogue Lane, Westhampton Beach in New York.

Also check out a new awesome catalog for the show here:

I have done some of the writing in this catalog. There is a long text on page 8 that is mine. Just click on the page of the catalog to make it bigger!

July 9, 2008

“This place has been ethnically cleansed”

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July 4, 2008

War and trauma

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What does war do to the mind and soul of a child? We all know that soldiers coming home from war can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, but what do the children living in these war torn areas feel? What are the lasting, long term effects of these experiences? Ignacio Martin Baro (the Jesuit priest and psychologist in El Salvador who I wrote about earlier) compares it to a psychosocial trauma. These are psychic problems brought on by certain life experiences.This is always a difficult experience that usually occurs unexpectedly. The body itself isnt harmed but one begins to suffer disorders in ones normal functioning because of it. When children are forced to develop their identites in dehumanizing, war torn environments they grow up with tremendous amounts of fear and anxiety.

There are basically two major types of war-related traumas for children and that is 1) the experience of violence and destruction and 2)the experience of physical and personal separations. This could be seeing your house being burnt down, experiencing a family member being killed(maybe seeing it). Also being seperated from the close family is extremley traumatic for a child. The initial emotional responses can be extreme-from screaming,crying to sheer terror but this usually develops into a kind of shutting down of emotions. Where the child can seem insensitive and cold. The symptoms that these kids experience can range from regressive behavior, night terrors, lack of concentration, irritability, and sensitivity to noise. If the child is exposed to the trauma for longer periods of time then they can eventually start to seek a flight into fantasy.

If the child has parents or close relatives who remain relatively calm in the face of the trauma it will be easier for the child to cope. Growing up in the context of war helps children to legitemize the idea of violence as a way of solving their problems. Many of these kids end up growing up without love, without toys, and without dreams for the future. Its important to understand that the child victims of war live under a kind of psychological torture consisting of constant fear and horror.

Here is a clip of a little girl who is caught up in the Iraq war:

July 2, 2008

Neneh Cherry with Ayesha live at Mosebacke

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