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May 31, 2008

View from my window

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May 28, 2008

Menace 2 society

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Tommorow a large meeting about Iraqs future will be held here in Stockholm.Both Condoleezza Rice and Irans foriegn minnister Manouchehr Mottaki will be appearing at the conference. There will probablly be no dialogue between these two power players. A massive secuirty force has engulfed the city and no one will be able to get in or out of the city center without having the police eyes on them There has been talk of a proxy war between USA and Iran inside of Iraq. That different factions are doing the fighting for the two giants indirectly. There has also been increased anti Iranian rhetoric from George Bush this last year, with fears that he will try to take out the current Iranian regime before he leaves the white house in november. All over the city there are now large posters and signs protesting Condoleezza Rices arrival. Saying that America must leave Iraq and withdraw their imperial ambitions from the middle east. I couldnt agree more with these attitiudes. What is striking to me though is the apparent lack of protest against the Iranian regime. Almost nowhere can one see the same type of organized protest against the Iranians.This to me is curious thinking about this countrys human rights record.

Parvin Ardalan is a female human rights defender from Iran who was recently granted the Olof Palme award for her work for womens rights in Iran. Iran has now imposed a travel ban on her. She may no longer leave the country and guess what she never made it to Sweden to pick up her award. Her sister picked it up for her, while the Iran government keep Parvin Ardalan back home because this womens activist is a “menace to society”.

Parvin Ardalan, who lives in Tehran, is facing possible imprisonment for her part in organizing a demonstration in June 2006, calling for an end to legal discrimination against women in Iran. She was briefly detained after the demonstration. In April 2007, she was convicted of acting against national security and sentenced to six months’ actual imprisonment, with an additional 30 months suspended for five years. She remains free pending her appeal.On 4 March 2007, during the trial, a peaceful protest was held outside the courtroom and Parvin Ardalan was among 33 women arrested. She was released four days later and was later charged with “gathering and colluding with the intent to harm national security, disturbing public order and disobeying police orders.” No verdict has yet been reached on this.

If like she says in the video, womens rights and civil rights activists pose a threat to national security, then who is protecting the human rights of the members of the Iranian society?

Stand up for human rights ALL over the world.

May 26, 2008

“It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”

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Yesterday I watched Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.I grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies and I think that Harrison Ford was one of the first real strong male rolemodels for me with his Han Solo and Indy roles. This movie has Indy searching for a legendary Crystal Skull that his friend and scientist claims to have found. The only problem is that the Russians also want to get ahold of it since its an artifact of incredibly powerful strength. Stefan Viterstedt and I made a performance along time ago where we discussed the crystal skulls. Here are some links to that performance:

The legends of the crystal skulls is an old one and there are several in existence. There is probablly only one though is believed to be authentic. Where it came from and what its purpose was is still unknown. In new age mythology and in the Indiana Jones film the skulls are linked to the Maya indians. The message that comes across is that they have recieved advanced information and knowledge from space people so as to be able to build advanced societys with science, architecture and math. I doubt that this is how it went down but its a good story!

Speaking about the Mayan indians I got an sms from Amnesty International cause Im an sms activist for them. They send me an sms every other week with a short piece of info about some injustice in the world. And then I can respond if I want by putting my name on a petition to protest against it. The latest one I got said: Guatemala: Människorättsförsvarare som försöker utreda militärregimens brott på 80-talet har fått dödshot. Protestera. Basically, people who are working to uncover the militarys crimes against human rights during the 80s are now being threatened to be killed.

There was a genocide of Mayan indians in the 1980s in Guatemala. Around 600 villages where destroyed with approximatley 200,000 people being killed. Most of them Mayan indians. During the Ronald Reagan presidency the US backed government in Guatemala where in a war against a guerilla that they claimed would help to bring communism into the hemisphere. This guerilla army hid and fought in the jungles. To intimidate the guerillas and to scare the local population from collaborating with them entire villages where erased of the face of the earth. Women savegely raped, young children killed, and mass graves dug to cover up the illegal killings of civilians. A pretty dark and largely forgotten part of central american history. at least to the people Ive talked about it to. Instead we have a fantastic image of Mayan indians as exotic and/or blood thirsty (see Mel Gibsons Apocalyptico). Well the truth is that the UN called the killings “aggressive, racist and extremley cruel violations that resulted in the massive extermination of defensless Mayan communities.”

The website from the peace pledge union on genocides around the earth writes:

“Working methodically across the Mayan region, the army and its paramilitary teams, including ‘civil patrols’ of forcibly conscripted local men, attacked 626 villages. Each community was rounded up, or seized when gathered already for a celebration or a market day. The villagers, if they didn’t escape to become hunted refugees, were then brutally murdered; others were forced to watch, and sometimes to take part. Buildings were vandalised and demolished, and a ‘scorched earth’ policy applied: the killers destroyed crops, slaughtered livestock, fouled water supplies, and violated sacred places and cultural symbols.

Children were often beaten against walls, or thrown alive into pits where the bodies of adults were later thrown; they were also tortured and raped. Victims of all ages often had their limbs amputated, or were impaled and left to die slowly. Others were doused in petrol and set alight, or disembowelled while still alive. Yet others were shot repeatedly, or tortured and shut up alone to die in pain. The wombs of pregnant women were cut open. Women were routinely raped while being tortured. Women – now widows – who lived could scarcely survive the trauma: ‘the presence of sexual violence in the social memory of the communities has become a source of collective shame’. ”


“Throughout the period of the genocide, the USA continued to provide military support to the Guatemalan government, mainly in the form of arms and equipment. The infamous guerrilla training school, the School of the Americas in Georgia USA, continued to train Guatemalan officers notorious for human rights abuses; the CIA worked with Guatemalan intelligence officers, some of whom were on the CIA payroll despite known human rights violations. US involvement was understood to be strategic – or, put another way, indifferent to the fate of a bunch of Indians – in the wider context of the Cold War and anti-Communist action.”

The Indiana Jones movie was good but its still intresting to watch how Maya indians are portrayed in the public light, media and films. As exotic, strange and extraoridnary-communicating with aliens and building mysterious civilizations. Take the sensitive portrait that Speilberg made of the holocaust and compare that to the way the Mayan indians are portrayed in this film. Also take the often comical, slapstick way the cold warriors fight each other in this film. Indiana Jones and his gang as the happy-go-lucky good guys and the Russians as the frowning,gloomy bad guys. Then compare it to the real cold war that left its bloody trail in Guatemala and the rest of central America. I know its only a movie and it shouldnt be over analyzed but still when it comes to the real history of these indians most people are unfortunatley kind of retarded.

May 24, 2008


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This is the complete list of galleries that I have shown in/will show in for the Internal Guidance Systems show in America:

Mark Woolley Gallery , May, 2006
contact: Mark Woolley
address: 120 NW 9th, Suite 210 Portland, OR 97209
phone: 503.224.5475

N4th Gallery, Albuquerque NM , Summer,2006
contact: May Hussain
web:www.vsartsnm.or the
address: 4904 Fourth Street NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87106
phone: 505.345.2872 x 11

The Outsider Art Center , Oct/Nov, 2006
contact: Yuri Arajas
address: 1010 Park Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404
phone: 612.338.3435

Tag Gallery, Nashville, TN , February, 2007
contact: Jerry Dale McFadden
address: 215 5th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37219
phone: 615.254.2040

Artisans on Taylor , October-November, 2007
contact: Teresa Verraes-Landis
address: Artisans on Taylor 236 Taylor Street Port Townsend, WA 98368
phone: 360/379-1029

Gallery Gachet , February-March, 2008
contact: Irwin Oostindie
address: Gallery Gachet Society 88 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A1K2, Canada
phone: 604-687-2468

Track 16 Gallery , April , 2008
contact: Laurie Steelink
address: Track 16 Gallery Smart Art Press 2525 Michigan Avenue,
Bldg C-1 Santa Monica, CA 90404
phone: 310-264-4678

Galerie BelAge July 3rd – Sept 8th. Opening Reception July 12th
6-9pm , July , 2008
contact: Anne Grgich/Candy Brokaw/Bob Deets
address: 8 Moniebogue Lane, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
phone: 631-288-5082

Outsider Folk Art Gallery Opening July 13th 2008 , July , 2008
contact: Susan and George Viener
address: Goggleworks Center for the Arts
5th Floor suite 504 Outsider Folk Art Gallery
201 Washington Street Reading, PA 19601-4040
phone: (610) 939-1737

Barristers Art Gallery of New Orleans , October , 2009
contact: Andy Aantippas
address: Barristers Art Gallery of New Orleans
2331 St. Claude Ave and Spain, New Orleans, LA 70117
phone: 504-525-2767

May 23, 2008

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These are also some brave people. The womans name was Mildred Loving. She was of African American and Native American descent. She married a white man named Richard Perry Loving in June 1958. After they had married they where charged with “cohabiting as man and wife, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth” according to Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law. They pled guilty and had to leave Virginia otherwise they would have been thrown in jail, ordered not to return in 25 years.Eventually they became so frustrated with the fact that they could not return to Virginia to visit their relatives that Mildred Loving wrote to Attorney Robert F. Kennedy who forwarded the case to the American Civil Liberties union. This case “Loving vs. the state of Virginia” went all the way up to the supreme court. On June 12th, 1967 a law was passed that made any ban on interracial marriage unconstitutional. June 12th is now known as Loving day in the United States. A celebration of interracial marriages.

May 22, 2008

As we act let us not become the evil that we deplore.

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Barbara Lee was the only person in the house of representatives who voted against the president after the 9/11 attacks in his wish to use military force in retaliation against the attacks. Here is a part of her speech. She is a real hero in my eyes.

May 14, 2008

New group show Im in!

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“Anyone got wood?”

Including 34 artists (!) curated by Jacob Berliner, Jeanette Steinsland and Tony Cederteg.

Friday, May 16, 2008
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Corner of Klippgatan/Bondegatan
Bondegatan 70
Stockholm, Sweden

Artists: Anna Giertz, Bas Louter, Carlotta Manaigo, Danilo Stankovic, Erik Tidemann, Frank S Vindel, Fredrik Von Blixen, Fredrik Skogkvist, French, Hanna Wieslander, Ingela Nilsson, James Whitman, Jenny Groth, Jens August, Jessica Albarn, Keith Shore, Kelly Lynn Jones, Kevin Christy, Levent Bøilerehauge, Mads Westrup, Marcus Mårtenson, Mark Delong, Martin Skauen, Mathias Sterner, Nadine Byrne, Nicholas Haggard, Noah Butkus, Olaf Breuning, Ragnar Persson, Sune Christiansen, The Lions, Todd Jordan, TwoTom and Yuval Pudik.

Curated by Jacob Berliner, Jeanette Steinsland and Tony Cederteg.


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So I came back from a trip to America. Last time I was there was in 1994. I had spent a few summers there and during that time period I had painted graffiti with several new york painters. That connection had led me to invite several of them to come and perform at the Uppsala hip hop festival where both Africa Baambataa and Showbiz and AG performed.

This time I was in a different setting. I was on the west coast. But this time I also met alot of amazing and inspirational artists. Some of who I think I will be in touch with for a long time. Many of them ran a program in Seattle called Arts Corps, which was a movement amongst artists to teach art to inner city kids from impoverished environments. I got to be a guest teacher there and had a great experience. Im hoping to return out there and do more.

Now in December I will be together with Valeria and an artist from Lagos named Dilomprizulike. We have invited him to come here and make this show with us. It is yet another collaboration with an artist from abroad. Hopefully we will also be able to go to Africa one day and do some work with him out there at his museum.

May 5, 2008

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La Tierra Salvaje – Valeria Montti Colque, Marcus MÃ¥rtenson and Dilomprizulike
December 13 – March 14 2009

At the end of 2008, artists Valeria Montti Colque, Marcus Mårtenson and Dilomprizulike will meet in Botkyrka konsthall. Valeria and Marcus are working in different ways with gathered material and objects that have been forgotten or thrown away. By reshaping these objects different figures and forms appear. They become sculptures, installations and parts of performances. In Valeria and Marcus’ art the thrown-away objects are charged with new meanings.

The Nigeran artist Dilomprizulike has been called “the Junkman of Africa”. He as well works with material found on the street, and mostly with old clothing and fabrics. 2006 he participated in the Moderna Museet exhibition Africa Remix with the art piece Waiting for Bus, an installation made of found articles where the composite figures look like they are trapped in the middle of their own culture and an imposed Western civilisation.

By bringing these artists together in a collaborative project in Botkyrka konsthall we want to discuss issues of abundance, recycling, the importance of symbols, mysticism and environment. How will the work and the exhibition be affected by Sweden and Nigeria’s different prerequisites? This is also an exhibition project that engages you as a visitor with the invitation to submit material; furniture, clothing or other objects that you were planning to throw. In our exhibition they can get new, undreamed-of meanings!

May 4, 2008

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