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October 19, 2007

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October 14, 2007

Mary sculpture by Marcus and Valeria

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This sculpture will be shown for another week.

October 11, 2007

R.I.P. Riccardo Campogiani

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This song is about the gang wars in the south of New Jersey. Stop the violence on the city streets!!!

October 5, 2007

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Marcus Mårtenson och Valeria Montti Colque har byggt en Mariaskulptur som invigs idag Fredag den 5e oktober i Allhelgonakyrkan vid Skanstull på söder kl. 1800 som en del av deras 10-års jubileum. Kyrkan ligger på Allhelgonagatan och skulpturen kommer att finnas på plats där i 10 dagar. Missa den inte!

Mvh Marcus

October 4, 2007

The graveyard shift

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Man I have been working the graveyard shift all nite. am now tired as hell but am going to install the sculpture that Valeria and I have made at Allhelgonakyrkan in stockholm.It will be on display there for 10 days from this friday so check it out. I wondered where tha expression “Graveyard shift”(meaning late nite work came from so I looked it up. Heres a good explination:

Michael Quinion at World Wide Words explains that the “graveyard shift is an evocative term for the night shift between about midnight and eight in the morning, when – no matter how often you’ve worked it – your skin is clammy, there’s sand behind your eyeballs, and the world is creepily silent, like the graveyard. The phrase dates only from the early years of the twentieth century.”

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Yo check out the rap music I grew up with.this is 1989 rhymesyndicate with ice t and his crew.wild stuff man, amazing!

October 3, 2007

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Dilomprizulike, the artist that Valeria and I are planning a collaboration with is giving a talk about sculpture at the Tate modern in London on October 5th. Check it out if you are there:

Why Sculpture, Why Here?

Friday 5 October 2007, 11.00–18.00
This forum explores the global contexts of contemporary sculpture, with artists originally from Cuba, China, India, Japan and Nigeria giving presentations about their work. This will be a unique opportunity to hear why sculpture remains a relevant language at a time when 2D media proliferate, and how its international currency is shaped through origin, migration and local circumstance. Participating artists include: Abel Barroso, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Dilomprizulike, Subodh Gupta, Huang Yong Ping and Mamiko Otsubo.

In collaboration with Henry Moore Institute, Leeds and inIVA, London

Tate Modern Starr Auditorium
£20 (£15 concessions)
Price includes refreshments
For tickets book online
or call 020 7887 8888.

October 2, 2007

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