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March 31, 2007

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March 30, 2007

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Man this catholic pope retzinger has gone to far. he has started to lay out criticisms against the liberation theologians of south america who have in my eyes a great and inspirng theology. these people have helped the poor and made a real difference in those countries. in my eyes the catholic pope represents an old patriarchal order that has to be changed. more people have to speak out against old men like this with waaay too much power. thats just the way it is baby.

March 29, 2007

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March 28, 2007

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if you look up bogey man on wikipedia you can read this:

Switzerland – In Switzerland, the bogeyman is called Böögg and has an important role in the springtime ceremonies. The figure is the symbol of winter and death, so in Sechseläuten ceremony in the City of Zürich, where a figure of the Böögg is burnt.

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weird show called night gallery that serling made after twilight zone check out intro with different haircut(70s style) here:

March 27, 2007

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Me and my buddy went out for lunch today and then we were gona buy some tea at 7 11 afterwards. When we checked out the newspaperstands we saw he regular magazines like aftonbladet and expresen plus dn and svd. the only other magazine that was included with these 4 major periodicals was the new Resume magazine. This is really weird stuff man. Since when does this magazine get that kind of exposure. It writes about advertising and the world that surrounds it. I was in a debate against that magazines publisher a few years ago. i had made a slideshow about the growing phenomenon of product placement in music videos, movies, and tv shows. his idea was that there was too little advertisment and that we needed more. I and a few other people argued against him and his response was that we had watched too much east german childrens television when we grew up. What he didnt know was that I was born and raised watching 32 commercial tv stations in America! later in his blog he called us communists! Oh well, I think that the fact that his magazine is apperaing in these major positions is symptomatic of something much larger and more worrying than just him and his magazine. Its saying something about our society and what we value. Unfortunatley the rampant growth of consumerism and the materialistic lifestyle that magazines like Resume promote seems to be gaining in popularity. thats a shame man. Because they are promoting a shallow way of life thats all about selling out and being a dick.

March 26, 2007

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Angel by Marcus MÃ¥rtenson and Valeria Montti Colque

March 25, 2007

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more about our installation in Carin Westers store in todays Dagens Nyheter. Check it in this link here:

This is a quote from the article:

“Carin Westers butik är inredd i vitt av David Roiseux, Carins pojkvän som ocksÃ¥ gör musiken till hennes visningar. Mycket har Ã¥teranvänts, bland annat har han brutit upp det gamla golvet och gjort hyllor av det! I provrummet hänger en vägginstallation av Marcus MÃ¥rtenson & Valeria Montti-Colque. Det är Elins (Carins assistent) och Carins gamla saker: gympaskor, smycken, en docka, tryck, kollektionsbilder som har monterats in i det vitsprejade collaget.”

bra film titlar

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The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide : The Amazing Transplant / Asylum of Satan : Atomic War Bride : This Is Not a Test : Axe : Bad Girls Go to Hell / Another Day, Another Man : Basket Case : The Beast That Killed Women / Monster of Camp Sunshine : The Black Cat / The Fat Black Pussycat : Blaze Starr Goes Nudist : Blood Feast : Blood Freak : Blood Suckers / Blood Thirst : Bloody Pit of Horror : The Body Beneath : Carnival of Blood / Curse of the Headless Horseman : The Child : Color Me Blood Red : Confessions of a Psycho Cat : Country Cuzzins / Midnight Plowboy : The Curious Dr. Humpp : Deadly Weapons : Death Curse of Tartu / Sting of Death : The Defilers / Scum of the Earth : Diary of a Nudist / Naked Venus : Doctor Gore : Double Agent 73 : Dracula the Dirty Old Man / Guess What Happened to Count Dracula : The Erotic Adventures of Zorro : Fiend of Dope Island / Pagan Island : Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks : Fuego / The Female : Godmonster of Indian Flats : Goliath and the Dragon : The Gore Gore Girls : Gruesome Twosome : Hitch Hike to Hell / Kidnapped Coed : Horrors of Spider Island : Johnny Firecloud / Bummer! : Just for the Hell of It / Blast-Off Girls : Kiss Me Quick! / House on Bare Mountain : Lost Lonely & Vicious / Jacktown : The Mad Butcher : Mantis in Lace : Marihuana / Assassin of Youth / Reefer Madness : Mighty Gorga / One Million AC/DC : Mondo Mod / The Hippie Revolt : Monster A-Go Go! / Psyched by the 4D Witch : Monsters Crash the Pajama Party Spook Show Spectacular : The Naked Witch / Crypt of Dark Secrets : Night of the Bloody Apes / Feast of Flesh : The Notorious Concubines : The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill / The Head Mistress Nude on the Moon : The Pigkeeper’s Daughter / Sassy Sue : Please Don’t Eat My Mother! : Primitive Love / Mondo Balordo : Rattlers : Satan in High Heels : Scare Their Pants Off / Satan’s Bed : A Scream in the Streets : The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo & Juliet / The Notorious Cleopatra : She-Devils on Wheels : She Freak : Something Weird : Space Thing : Street of a Thousand Pleasures / Way Out Topless : Swamp Girl / Swamp Country : A Taste of Blood Teaserama : Teenage Gang Debs / Teen-Age Strangler : Terror in the Midnight Sun / Invasion of the Animal People : Trader Hornee : Two Thousand Maniacs! : Varietease : The Veil : The Violent Years / Girl Gang : Wham-Bam Thank You, Spaceman : The Wizard of Gore : Wild Guitar / The Choppers : Wrestling Women USA

March 24, 2007

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