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January 30, 2007

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The cool thing is that there is this show called The worlds most amazing videos each weeknite at 1200 am. The show is filled with amazing documentation of whipe outs, falling animals, people being chased by cops and massive fire cracker factory explosions. Its reallly a feast for the eyes and the nice thing is that the people always survive in the end. So the show is really an antidote to all the bad news that hits you every day in the papers where people dont survive. The narrator is stacy keach a famous actor who relates the horribly exciting stories in a poetically sensitive manner. At the same time one gets the feeling that the producers dont always stick to the truth in the script but that dosent really matter at all. The Awesome imagery makes up for that a thousandfold.

January 29, 2007

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So there is this dude who killed a little kid here in sweden last week. Its happend before, not the first time. Its really some scary shit. But at the same time I think its a reflection of our society. Here is some guy whose been living by himself, completley isolated and feeling like shit. No real place for a guy like that in society right? What happends to some guy whose left alone with his darkness? Well shit becomes too heavy to bear and then some little kid pays the price for societys neglect. I think in the bigger picture its a scary view of our society and its ideals. But those ideals are spreading more and more now. Its something about viewing human beings as having to have to be strong and productive to be an integrated part of society at large. Theres no real place for the weak people is there? If your not smiling, looking good, wearing the latest clothes and name dropping the smartest pop cultural references then your out the door buddy. Its tough man and its getting tougher. I dont like the value system that views human beings as commodities. That says that we have to maximise our efficiency and become better and better all the time. Alot of people who are more sensitive arent cut out for that life and they become the loosers at the end of the day in a cut throat capitalist society.

January 27, 2007

Innerligt grymt

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January 26, 2007

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January 25, 2007

Selling out

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So they are making a new energy drink called Liquid Experience based on Jimi Hendrix.

This is what has become of the psychedelic hippie revolution. Pretty sad if you ask me.

January 24, 2007

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Awesome moves in this video!:

20 seconds to comply!!!

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Man Im always talking about a great band called Silver Bullet. I saw them live in 1990 and they tore up the stage with intenese energy. Then everybody starts talking about some other swedish band I havent even heard of…Here is finally a video of the real deal. All hail the REAL silver bullet that rocked it hardcore back in the day. British rap was tuff!!!

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WTF!!!?? Where they high when they made this choice?

Do the right thing

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Yo there was this club in Geneva that I used to go to on sunday afternoons called La Pirogue where all the homeboys and homegirls would come and hang out at. They would spin the best hip hop tracks and everybody would just dance chill and flirt. No booze or drugs just teens dancin and havin fun. The Dj called Chill Pop would always spin this track:


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