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September 28, 2006

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September 27, 2006

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I read in Svenska Dagbladet today that the journalist Dag Bjerke had heard the church sermon that the priest Olle Carllson held at Allhelgonakyrkan in Stockholm. I know that priest and I have been to that specific church. Its a church thats always filled to the brim because they dare to be really progressive and leave the old stale dogmas behind. The journalist said that they needed to take the church hour off the air because the priest had said something like “gods hand is the hand that will never fail you”. He argued that Auschwitz and Rawanda where good examples of gods failure and therefore the whole thing was nonsense and should be taken off the air. This journalist had in a very naive and blatant way written about the Teodicé problem that most people have heard of. To me every human being has a freedom of choice. You can choose to do good or bad.Unfortunatley people will keep choosing the wrong path. People will keep on commiting crimes and making others suffer. I dont think thats gods will, thats just the way we are. But those words about the hand of god not failing is something much deeper and the journalist misses the point completley. Those words means that death is not the end. The nazis couldnt wipe the jews out in Auschwitz, they tried but with the strong hope and faith of the Jewish people they survived and where reestablished. If you read the book of Exodus in the old testament you will see how Pharao tries to wipe them out just like Hiler did and they persevered. All throughout the middle ages (much with the help of hateful and misled christian antisemitism) Jews where persecuted and killed in Europe and the rest of the world. Did they dissapear or cease to exist? NO! They are a proud race of people who have managed to deal with and survive an incredible amount of human hatred and rascism.
The Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson said to those who argued that the Holocaust disproves the existence of God or His providence over our lives, I say this:”On the contrary — the Holocaust has decisively disproven any possible faith in a human-based morality. In pre-war Europe, it was the German people who epitomized culture, scientific advance and philosophic morality. And these very same people perpetrated the most vile atrocities known to human history! If nothing else, the Holocaust has taught us that a moral and civilized existence is possible only through the belief in and the acceptance of the Divine authority. Our outrage, our incessant challenge to God over what has occurred — this itself is a most powerful attestation to our belief in Him and our faith in His goodness. Because if we did not, underneath it all, possess this faith, what is it that we are outraged at? The blind workings of fate? The random arrangement of quarks that make up the universe? It is only because we believe in God, because we are convinced that there is right and there is wrong and that right must, and ultimately will, triumph, that we cry out, as Moses did: “Why, my God, have you done evil to Your people?”.

September 26, 2006

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kolla de första minuterna för att se den klassiska gråtande mannen i kalsongerna

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“VÃ¥rt förakt för den socialt misslyckade, den socialt onyttiga, för den som förlorar och lider nederlag, är en del av den kraft som driver vÃ¥rt samhälle till större effektivitet. Det är inbyggt i själva systemet. Bakom den demokratiska fasaden har ett nazistiskt byggnadsverk börjat ta form”-Harald Ofstad

September 25, 2006

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Fy fan kolla bilden:,2789,892504,00.html

Pain part 2

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The more you pay attention to who is sponsoring almost every new tv show on the commercial tv stations you will see that its a gambling company. Its totally crazy what an incredible boom the gambling industry is going through. Poker is the coolest thing around and everybody and their grandmother is playing. i met an old friend who had won tons of cash playing and now she was studying poker techniques with an old pro. she was gonna make more money. i couldnt believe what she was saying. thats how its starts, big wins that eventually turns into debt. but that was beyond her. i didnt say anything because she was so happy about winning all that cold hard cash and nurturing the pipe dream of making the big score.Once again i will quote ice t-Its always fun in the beginning but its pain in the end.

September 23, 2006

Gallery show opening in Minneapolis

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Hey Im showing my art at the “Outsiders and others” art gallery in Minneapolis. This will be a part of the Internal Guidance Systems group show and will be opening on October 6th. The show will run until December 2nd. The opening is on the 6th of october at 7 till 10 pm. Otherwise the opening times are wednesday-saturday, noon-six pm. The address is 3045 Hennepin ave. Minneapolis, MN. If you know someone in the area tell em I sent ya!

September 22, 2006

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2006 års Ars Interpres Poetry Festival kommer att äga rum i Stockholm
mellan den 5 och 9 oktober.

Festivalen samlar mer än tjugo olika poeter från Sverige och andra
i en serie litterära evenemang på Kulturhuset, Polska institutet,
Tenn, Stockholms universitet och skeppet Constantia. Gratis inträde
överallt, tack vare sponsring från Svenska Akademien, Stockholms Hamn,
Kulturrådet och Polska Institutet.

Arrangören och Ars Interpres ansvarige utgivare Alexander Deriev säger
tanken är att visa upp den bästa samtida poesin för största möjliga
via översättningar av högsta kvalitet.

– Poesiuppläsningar där poeterna läser sina egna dikter är fortfarande
något unikt. Det talade ordet tillåter oss att se poetens värld inifrån
och vi får uppleva poetens egen känsla för sitt verk.

Poeterna kommer att läsa, diskutera och presentera sina böcker och
medverkande är bland andra John Kinsella från Australien, Ewa Lipska
Polen, Aleksandr Kushner från Ryssland, Giannina Braschi från Puerto
och Sveriges egen Gunnar Harding.

PÃ¥ Ars Interpres hemsida hittar du hela festivalprogrammet.
Där finns också mer fakta om de medverkande poeterna.


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