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July 30, 2006

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Guess what kids? im djing at Spybar on thursday nite! So come on down to Debonair and listen to me spin some good ol surf music, misfits, roky erikson and other great great bands. Yekeshemesh!

July 26, 2006

Bad Theology part 1

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One example of bad theology is Bushs literal interpretation of the gospels of Jesus Christ. I mean how scary is it that the leader of the free world chooses to read the bible literally? Ok I can understand that there are bible thumping quacks in Arkansas who do this but not the leader of the United States of America. I am a theology student myself so I’m getting pretty well versed in the bible. But I know that the bible was written over 2000 years ago. It’s a product of its time. The ideas that are presented in the New Testament are based on the life story of Jesus, a preacher and healer from Nazareth. He walked the earth approximately 2000 years ago. He spoke up against the ruling classes of his time. He was pretty punk I guess. He criticized the ruling Jewish priesthood because they where working closely with the Roman occupants. There was a torah law system at the time that kept certain individuals inside the Jewish religious community and certain individuals outside. Often those who where left in and who where out depended a lot on cleanliness. For examples prostitutes and those with diseases where often left out. Anyone who was not Jewish was not welcome and was automatically excluded. So what Jesus did was that he broke the torah laws, he said we aren’t going to have an inside or an outside anymore. There will not be those who are accepted and loved by god and those who are left outside. He likened the meeting with god to a big banquet where everyone was invited, especially those who where weak or had sinned. Of course this eventually lead to his demise. The priesthood and the Roman occupants eventually heard of him and his critique of the system and had him executed. So Jesus cracked open a closed system and said you are all welcome to the table, we are not so different. Then only a short while after he died the first gospel (the gospel of Mark) was written. Now if you read all the different gospels you will see that they vary a great deal. For example in the first gospel there is just an account of a young boy sitting in the tomb when the women come to visit the grave. This image transforms into an angel in the later gospels. Later a Jewish man named Paul came into the picture. He had been hard on Jews who weren’t good enough on following scripture. He had a conversion experience where he had a vision of Jesus on the resurrected Christ on the road to Damascus. This made him leave his Jewish faith behind and start spreading the gospel of Christianity. He traveled all around the Hellenistic world and Greek islands and opened up churches and Christian communities. The letters he wrote to those closest to him are preserved and make up the second part of the new testament (Thessalonians, Corinthians etc). They are all named after the communities he sent them to. But here is the interesting thing. Jesus was now to be made accessible to the Hellenistic world. How was this Jewish carpenter going to be made into someone that the rest of the world could relate to? Well the answer was to create a biography for him that would speak to these people. And that’s what the gospels are. They use the mythological language of the time to relate the story of Jesus. One often spoke of virgin births in that time period when the person was important. The idea of a dying king that was resurrected to go back to live with the god was also a common theme. Almost all the Roman emperors where considered to be sons of the gods who joined them again after they had died. I think that the gospels are allegories for the spiritual journey of man. They are rich with metaphors and wisdom that should NOT be read literally but should be read as poetic pictures and attempts for the people of that time to speak about the divine. I don’t think that Jesus dying and being resurrected is something that took place in history. Its an image for something that happens and still happens every time a person lets their ego die a little to the fact that they are apart of something bigger than themselves. But now 2000 years later you have the leader of the free world who thinks that there actually was a dude somewhere who walked on the water and created 5000 fish out of almost nothing. That’s pretty scary. And he’s convinced that this is the right religion in contrast to Islam. The literal readings of the gospels have lead to so many problems and will continue to do so. For example a lot of the anti-Semitism that has existed in the world up till now comes out of the literal readings of the gospel. Stay tuned to this blog for part 2 of this post which will talk about why apocalyptic theology is booming in the states right now.

July 23, 2006

The last supper with the Tranzformers

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This is a documentation of a performance that i did with Valeria last nite.

July 22, 2006

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I am so sick and tired of seeing pictures in the news of little kids who are bleeding wounded and dying. How the fuck can this be justified? The israelis are mercilessly bombing the shit out of civilians and they know it. They have to stop now and take up negotiations. This is extremely hipocritical of the us government to say that they want to stop terror and at the same time stand by and watch passively while children are being maimed killed and handicapped. Stop the violence! That goes for Hizbollah as well who are firing their missiles into cities where kids are getting brutalized. The children are not targets. They shouldnt be caught up in this bullshit!

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saw a simpsons episode yesterday when Homer was skiing down a mountain and started freaking out cause he couldnt control his skiis. Then he tries to remember what the instructor says and all he remembers i flanders in a tight ski suit saying that he feels like hes wearing nothing, check out sound file here:

here is a good sound collage with flanders shakin his ass in the skisuit from this episode with a song:

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July 21, 2006

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kolla sista frågan han får i intervjuven,2789,860289,00.html

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These are some flx from the house that I grew up in when I was a little kid. I used to live there every summer during the 70s and early 80s.

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