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June 29, 2006

Attack of the clones

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Okay while Im at it why not bitch some more. This morning my wife got an sms from her phone company 3 telling her that she should download a new video. It was by these two blonde Bimbo girls who had been in Big Brother, Natasha something bla bla. They had made a new song called Wicked and the phone company was really promoting it. Last nite I performed at an art space party with Tranzformers. Ther was a girl who did some amazing electro music called Nadie Affecta( there and she put on a kick ass set. I talked to her afterwards and she said that she still hadnt managed to break out to the big time with a bigger record lable. Whats funny is that this girl is about one billion times more talented than these two other chicks with their cheesed out bimbo pop. Man oh man it makes a nixxa wanna kill like Pharrel Williams once so poignatly sang with his falcetto voice. One of these girls was originally dark haired and had real small tits and then she died her hair blonde and got a double d size breast implant. Then baboom babing she is all over the place.All over the sites all over cafe and moore magazine etc etc etc. These girls are like clones. Like that movie “star wars 2:attack of the clones” they are produced in some weird robot factory where they make sexual androids. They are given a small dog and are made to laugh like they have inhaled helium. And what is disturbing is that their lack of talent somehow is excused by the fact that they have been operated on on surgical tables. But why are people so mentally retarded that they fall for it?Why do they raise this to the forefront as an ideal to be lived after?

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Man oh man what the fuck is wrong with Belgium??? I have friends there and Ive been there a couple of times, but time and time again it seems like there are these sick fucking things happening where little kids are getting kidnapped raped and killed. Theres something very disturbing about the whole thing. When I was there last time we drove around the country side and there where all these whore houses along the roads with blinking lights inviting dudes in to come and have sex.There where even adds in the local magazine for whores to come and work in these local country whore houses. Its supposedly so liberated there with legal prostitution and everything but theres obviously some real dark shit moving around in the countrys shadows. My stomach turns when I see the whole turn of events where little kids fall prey to these predators. How is it possible?

June 28, 2006

Im an amendment to be

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June 25, 2006

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June 23, 2006

summer flics

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I will be performing with Valeria Montti Colque at an art space party at Saltmätargatan 19 on wednesday nite the 28th of June at around 9pm. There are gonna be bands and beer so bring the family and letts boogie!

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I think this is an intresting review of the Mccarthy show:

My friend Ambjörn and I have often discussed Paul McCarthys work throughout the years and we have often come to the same conclusion that this reviewer has. That his art in itself is powerful but at the end of the day it feels like McCarthy shows us a trauma again and again without actually ever coming to the next stage. This is different from the artist joseph Beyus who was a great influence on Mcarthy. he made lots of great art and he worked alot with trying to heal the wound in both germany and europe after the second world war. He actually dared toshow us certain possible ways out of the trauma where mcacrthy never does this. The reviewer in the article callsMcCarthy brave because he says that Mccarthy lacks illusions but this to me seems to be an extremley cynical point of view. Just because a person wants to work for change dosent mean its utopian or illusory. These things are the most fundamental things we have as humans to try to make the world more liveable. Seeing Mccarthys art is like hearing a warning clock but it is also quite heavy. I think that McCarthy needs to try to take his work one step further now, otherwise the work will ultimatley lack nuances, just be real dark.

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Chilling with Oscar in the studio:

June 21, 2006


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June 20, 2006

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This article in the local newspaper really made me think about the Mccarthy exhibit and what he was saying:,2789,844180,00.html

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