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December 31, 2005

What is the deal?

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Im back from the boondox. well we all know that christmas is a lovely and wonderul holiday but a man can only take so much.
No a few days with family and friends is ok but after a while the need to get back is inevitable.
I got a new digital camera for my birthday so be expecting some hot updates soon with pictures from my adventures on the city streets.
Hope yall can take it.
Whats up with the christmas stress anyway. I thought this was the time to be chilling but instead people are mad stressed out all over. You hit the town and people are feinding for shit they dont even need and then you get home and everyone is expecting there to be 50 plates of food on the table with hardcore decorations in every corner of the goddamn room. I mean chill the fuck out people!
New years eve tonite as well. I mean what is the deal with new years any way? A bunch of people standing outside in the freezing cold weather sippin fake champagne out of plastic cups. makes me think of the line from the talking heads song once in a life time. It goes ” well, how did I get here?”.
Peace out and stay safe tonite and all other nites.

December 29, 2005


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cool lyrics

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shorty
It’s your birthday
We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday
We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
And you know we don’t give a fuck
It’s not your birthday!

December 22, 2005


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Hohoho and a bottle of brass monkey
and when my girlie shakes her hips
she sure gets funky

December 21, 2005


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i gotta tell ya
im really happy about the way my show turned out
i got great sales and Im probablly gonna get to do a new show at sivletto
thats gonna be awesome
on friday I met one of the we dealers from japan who told me that there was a gallery in the tokyo store
and that he was intrested in looking at my stuff
thats been a life long dream for me
to show my work in japan
I think that they would like my stuff out there.
but then im in a show in portland in may as well
thats gonna be cool
well anyway until next time
sayonara suckers

December 20, 2005

Freds sms list

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This is a list of different sms´s that I have gotten over the years from this dude named Fred Muertenson

1.I had a dream, I had an awesome dream.
2.Ta dej inte på nonnon.
3.Bajskorv.Shit sausage
4.Com on com on com on ye jon, com on com on ye jon.
5.Jag har gaser i magen.
6.Jag har ont i stjärten.
7.Mamma, vad betyder “skäggbiff”?
8.Mamma, vad betyder, “beeeeeeeeyatch”?
9.Sug min balle.
11.Runequest sucks, griffin mountain…
12.Dolls-They want to play with you
14.Mamma, vad betyder “kÃ¥t”?
15.Mamma, vad betyder “pastejköket”?
16.Drick mitt ångande kiss.
17.En prutt i en dusch.
18.80 grit geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeernet.
19.Sug på pappas ådriga köttpåle.
20.Jag bajsade på mig.
21.Sug melonkärnorna ur min varma avföring.
22. Runka kuken
23.Utförska min pung.
24.Sug kånkelbären ur mitt krulliga stjärthår.

December 19, 2005

Cool lyrics

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Cool lyrics:

I turned into a Martian by the Misfits

Oh go
Possession of the mind is a terrible thing
It’s a transformation with an urge to kill
Not the body of a man from earth
Not the face of the one you love, ’cause

Well, I turned into a Martian
Woah oh oh
I can’t even recall my name
Woah oh oh
Times I never hardly sleep at night
Woah oh oh
Well, I turned into a Martian today
Woah oh oh
Can’t even recall my name
Oh, won’t you tell me what the fuck is my name, Martian
Woah oh oh
Woah oh oh

ayone else has some cool lyrics add them onto this list

December 18, 2005


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Last night me and my wife the beautful dj Linda Blair played at rival. the djs that where lined was David Roiseux who played house, Katia Santos who played music from Kap Verde, and Jaisi Maciel who played baila funk.Me I played old and new surf records mixed in with a bit of wanda jackson and other cool stuff. when we played we showed the old betty page burlesque classic ” Teaserama”. You should have seen peoples face when Betty was dancing to Bow Wow Wows song “I want candy”. It was poetry in motion!
Anyhoo..angelica if u r reading this… we came to the We party at around 2 am. the guard told us that the cover charge was 100kr at that point so we kinda headed home. was it cool? Hope so.
Speaking of those betty page movies there was a mother who came to the gallery with her 4 year old kid the other day. the kid really loved the betty page movies that I was playing on the dvd. the kid would ask the mom to go by the gallery every morning so he could look through the hole in the wall and watch her dance. then he would be dancing as well when he saw her. that was pretty funny I thought.

December 16, 2005

Drinking coke

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Im drinkin coke and havin flamin hot cheese doodels on my couch in my studio together with Philo Bedoe who is also one of the many many cool time brothers.

Hi yo Silver!

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I just went to a WE fashion show. they had it at the old stables where I used to work.
watching haute couture where I used to be a janitor,
oh the irony!
well worlds collide all the time i guess.
but it was cool free beers and hot dogs can never be wrong. plus the trustworthy Angelica Ape showed up!
although I never could figure out how they got all those models to look so angry
maybe they cursed them out every time they were about to get on the catwalk
other than that the show is up for is final run at galleri bondesonen this weekend.
ps.once again:me + 6 other djs are playing records at Rival on saturday so bring the kids and well all have a real cool time
im gonna be playing some weird old movies there to
okay enough of my yakin´
im audi 5000 turbo

December 13, 2005

kunst fur alle

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hej a cool thing happend today.Peter Wahlbeck came into the gallery and bought a painting. thats awesome. he kicks ass.
Other than that I got some great chicken and egg noodles from the chinese deli around the corner.
the lady who works there used to be a ping pong pro here in sweden back in the days.
now she makes some kick ass food.
I can usually get my stuff on credit there, very nice indeed.
read in a magazine called ELLE that the new thing next year would be tiki rooms and easter island looks.
oh well…thats funny cause to me tiki feels like an ancient cool symbol but what the hoo….
whatever happends I plead everybody reading this blogg not to play any more christmas carols or add more christmas to the tons of christmas thats already out there in the collective conciousness.
Peppar is the only place that gets away with it without being really annoying.
anyone playing Frosty the snowman better run for cover…

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