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November 30, 2005

tag team

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So last night me and one of the cool time brothers went to peppar real late. there werent to many people at the spot except for a few regulars. and the regulars at peppar are all very special people. special olympics type of people. well not really but sort of. sooo, the people at peppar had done this ridiculously incredible decoration of the place for christmas. i mean it was over the top decorated. you could barley see the walls because of all the blinking lights and parachuting santaclauses and waiters in santas hats and chinging and chiming costumes. very cool. the waiter old us to go check out the decorations in the ladies room. so we walked over and in the ladies room there was this drunken santaclause statue lying on the floor, kind of like one of the regulars at the place. when we walked back to the table there was this tag team of two older women who blocked our path. they where riproaringly drunk and were creating like a human wall that made it impossible for us to pass by them. then they moved in on us. one grabbed my friends balls and the other one lunged at me. we both had t manouver like nfl quaterbacks at the end zone to get by these drunken randy wenches. man thats was crazy. afterwards we saw them rolling around in the snow outside together with another bald man. it was like a complete drunken type of rolling in the snow. a kind black brother walked out of the bar and tried to help these women out. he looked like he was in an r n b video with a corn row haircut.

November 29, 2005


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Some cool stuff

-The dudes wig who works at Gunthers hot dog stand. Hes got this wig that makes him look like a headbanger from the mid 80s with the real high hairstyle. The other dude who works there is pretty cool as well. he looks totally out of it when hes pouring on the mustard and ketchup. like hes almost gonna miss the dog.

-The kick ass over the top decorations at restaurent peppar.

-Destinys childs old music like Bugaboo, Bills Bills Bills, and Say my name.

-Working out infront of late night television.

-The fact that the crying boy in my artpiece Fuck off! looks alot like the guy who plays Lasermannen,

more to come

November 27, 2005

Bring the noise

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Yo last night me and one of the cool time brothers went to listen to two cute chicks spin records at garlic and shots. They played like a combo of country, punk, and old rock n roll.One of them was a professional tattoo artist. I met her at a rockabilly festival this summer when she was sitting in a trailer and tattooing people. She was really talented. I got alot of respect for tattoo people. man thats an artform of I ever saw one. Theres something thats so awesome about girls who really go all out the with their creativity. I love that.
Then we went to Rival and I met this dude named Gurra. He told me a story about this kid he used to go to school with who was a real asshole. He would walk behind the girls and do these kind of sexual moves while bending down really low. Another thing the kid had done was that he had come into his math class with a pizza in a pizza carton. he had started to eat it at his desk and the teacher(who looked like ronald reagan!) had asked him in an annoyed voice to go and eat it outside.
Another weird story I heard yesterday was from this kid named Simon who trains Capoeira with me. He had been studying religion in gothenburg a few years ago and one morning when he was going to take an exam in an exam hall the door burst open and two junkies walked in. Then one of them jumped up on a desk and rapped the whole entire song “Bring the noise” by Public Enemy. He then jumped of the desk and walkd out of the room. Weird!

November 25, 2005


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Mister Miyagi R.I.P.

Knock Out Greg

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Tonite Knock out Greg at Stampen. Kick as rythym and blues with a mean harmonica. Check it out at Around 22hundred hours. Who wants to come?

November 24, 2005


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Yo last night me and one of the other cool time brothers rolled over to färgfabriken to check out the show BODYWORK by Liz Cohen. Shes an american artist who is working on a repimping of an old german car a trabant. shes turning it into a low riding el camino with hydraulics and all that goes with it. she is working live at the space for two months reshaping the car togethjer with an american car builder who is helping her out. meanwhile there ius also a gym there that she works out in to rebuild her own body to look like a pinup. so she wants to be lioke a pinup car builder.that sounds pretty cool to me. I talked to her for a while and she seemed real cool. go check it out if you like cute girls and cars.

November 23, 2005

The Pharahos

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Theres a great scene in the movie American graffiti by George Lucas when the gang The Pharohs are together with the young geek Richard dreyfuss inside of a penny arcade. The Pharaos are out of gas and are trying to jack the pinball games for quartters. the proprietor comes out and asks them whats happening and Dreyfuss has to cover for them. Then Dreyfuss goes into the backroom to talk with the two owners in a friendly tone while the Pharaohs continue cleaning out the machines. Finally the leader of the gang Joe Young played by the great actor Bo Hopkins comes in to get dreyfuss. he says “Were finished here” and the owner asks, “what is he finished with” and Dreyfuss goes “hes finished having a really fun time”. Finally when they leave Bo Hopkins leans in again before leaving and says to the two owners “It was nice meetin ye”.

November 21, 2005

Jerry “The Killer” Lee Lewis

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While celebrating his 41st birthday in 1976 Lewis playfully pointed a gun at his bass player Butch Owens and thinking it was not loaded, pulled the trigger, shooting him in the chest. Owens miraculously survived. A few weeks later (November 23) he was involved in another gun-related arrest at Elvis Presley’s Graceland residence. Lewis had been invited by Presley but security was unaware of the visit. When questioned about why he was at the front gate, Lewis displayed a gun and jokingly told the guard he had come to kill Presley.
Despite the personal problems his musical talent is widely acknowledged. Nicknamed The Killer for his forceful voice and piano production on stage he was described by fellow artist Roy Orbison as the best raw performer in the history of rock and roll music.

Definition of Bucko

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pl. buck·oes or buck·os
A blustering or bossy person.
Irish A young man; a lad.

Marie Leveau

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Yes yes yall. has anyone been to a place called Marie Leveau? It kinda feels like being inside of a gigantic toilet.Speaking about Marie Leveau when i was in Linköping delivering my art there was a person who lived in the same building as the gallery called M Leveau. never found out what the M stood for but you gotta admit that its kinda freaky that there is a M Leveau living in Linköping 2005.

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